We at Blitz-Institute see Networks not as Computational Networks or Social Networks.  How do we analyse and build networks? We analyse and build networks more in a biological manner. Minds not machines makes the difference. „First minds than later machines“ is our slogan. The connections and interconnectedness, correlations and sequence of order are more important as talents and competences to control, communciate and regulate highly complex systems through complex adaptive Networks. E.G. they are machines parks or mind-machine-communities.
What is our strategy? Our strategic intention is to put these network models into your current brilliant ecosystems as a new turbocharger.  The goals: Buildung better human mind productivity and machine production. Whether you want to merge single divisions, regulate (leadership) meetings, or built a new organization after matrix organization of the 1950-ies, and project organization of the 1980-ies. With the new Network Organization you will gain operational velocity and coherent resolution in one single point. You see networks matters. Networks percolate our whole life.
Also in the the decision making. If you have new problems, new tasks and requirements you need new processes and principles to reach order and the right decisions. So you can book us for network brainstorming for ideas or inventions as a unique proposition point and signature. The requests and complexity for managers around the world is getting higher, so you can use biological, technical and socio-economic networks to solve your problems with only one counterpart.
Development comes not from us, from the inside, but from the outside – from you, the customer!  So you can help us achieve this evolution in terraforming  better worlds with new systems of networks. If you are interested in personal „Executive Communication, Speaking Engagement, Meetings, Brainstormings or Projects“  please let us know?  Contact our architect, author and speaker Dominic Blitz at his E-Mail: db@blitz-institut.de and gives us a call for a personal chemistry meeting. Let us find a network collective structure to get in one direction like a single laser beam!

Dominic Blitz