What are our strategy, intention and applications? Our strategic intention is to build new stars in the universe. No mobile planetoids like the death star, more in a manner of new planets. We build new information network models as new organization forms. We researched therefore pattern and principles of around 20 networks in the whole universe with the goal to build the new planets.Today in  companies.
So our new Innovation Pyramid means:
Business Model-Innovation
Service Innovation
Product -Innovation
Technology Innovation
We see tomorrow’s areas of applications in the following global economies and use cases of real time pattern networks (in alphabetical order):
Bank market and stock exchange
Car Supply
Combinatoric Optimization
Drug Discovery
Energy Management
Engineering: Matrix-Engineering
Environmental Disaster Solutions
Factory Production & Supply
Hospital Information Flux
Space and Time Travel…
If you are interested in our fascinating topic of „Networks and Networkorganization“, please let us know. Contact Dominic Blitz at his E-Mail: db@blitz-institut.de

Dominic Blitz