Welcome to the Blitz -Institute. We regard networks as alpha and omega of life, information and order. Networks design our lives from A like Astrophysics to Z like Zoology. Networks construct communicate and contol data, information and human knowledge in minds, materials and machines. If companies win or loose depends on the quality of information networks, e.g. between human mind information processes, material information and more and more between biochemical machine information processes from the inside (company) to the outside (customer).  In short: all of us depend on information nets. So why not better understand, correlate, transfer and build information pathways in networks and network organization in industry, science and societal environments?


If we understand the different networks (about 20!) in a very deep and fundamental manner we can relate, transfer and organize organism technology to simple technology; or organism and their patterns to network model innovation and network organization. Nets in Nature e.g. are responsible for the composition and organization of the evolution of the whole earth that function millions of years. So we can learn a lot from real complex networks in nature and human nature, for variance, multiplicity and interdependence in the same way. Please regard the branch like health, medicine and medicaments for humans against bacteria, viruses, cancer or the highest death rates caused by arterial/veneral thrombosis. Regard second military options for complex weapon systems and isomorph weapon networks defense in the competitive advantage of nations. Have this examples in mind if you think in nets and networks.


We take for the analysis and deep understand of nets, networks and their network organisation a very long road and journey of decades.  We see networks and network organization also as a real worthy successor of Norbert Wieners ‚Cybernetics‘ (As the Control and Communication in the animal and the machine). We offer you with our networks a new Information Theory and Practice and name this  ‚Complex Adaptive Network Organization‘. Our goals are complexity reductions through pattern recognition and order formation by humans minds and machines. Our Visions are a better human life in companies, a better work and better information quality; a more powerful motivation and productivity and more lossless information streams for the best global innovative institutions around the world.

Strategic Intention, Vision and Mission

With morpho-genesis information processing in networks you can actually build processes for discovery, supply nets, services, platforms, products, company structures until whole innovation systems. Why? Because of the fundamental groundbreaking elements as a new periodic system. We see our own network models from the Blitz-Institut for a better human understanding, information and communication paths and a first real integration and coordination vehicles for companies as a more timeless plasma. Its similar like our Matrix-Egg above. Net Patterns for life. Please klick at „The Network Moment“ above and enjoy more information of our Blitz-Institut.