Welcome to the Blitz -Institute. We regard networks not only as Information Technology Networks (IT), neither Social Networks. How do we regard networks?We regard networks as alpha and omega of life, information and order. Networks design our lives from „A“ to „Z“: from Astrophysics to Zoology. Networks construct communicate and control data, regulate information and human knowledge in minds, materials and machines.

After a huge operations research we found 20 networks which surround humankind. If companies win or loses, depends on the information and communication networks, e.g. between the human mind information processes, material information and more and more between biochemical machine information networks.  What does that mean? All of us humans depend on networks. So why not better understand, transfer and build information pathways in networks and a new network organization as a competitive advantage of nations.


We took a very long road for the deep analysis and understanding of networks and their quantum kinetic network organization.  We see networks and the Holographic (Network) Organization also as a real worthy successor of Norbert Wieners ‚Cybernetics‘. Our goals are complexity reductions through pattern recognition and order formation by processes and principles of nature, humans minds and machines.

Visions and Forecasts

Our Visions are a better human life. Furthermore a better human life in companies, with better motivation and qualities of sense for reasoning. With our design of and our knowledge of Holographic Information Networks, we can support processes for discovery, supply nets and innovation in companies. Net patterns and principles can work as parts and particles for integrative human participation. Please click at „The Network Moment“ and enjoy more information.