Welcome at The Blitz -Institute. The Institute of Complex Adaptive Networks.

Our dream is decoding the universe and building a better world with encoding universal networks.

Our antetypes

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, John Nash and John von Neumann are our ideals. We try to understand, principles pattern and translate these great „Network-Thinkers“and their processes. After a while we also searched for a new superordinate theory and practice which have the ability and unity to leverage Wieners „Cybernetics“ and Luhmanns „System Theory“ with our new „Flash-Network-Formula“.

How can we achieve this great Network Moment? We think networks form our all lifes, our creation, productivity and production.

  1. Astrophysical Networks (Stars and planets; birth, death and energy transformation processes)
  2. Biological Networks (exobiology, nature, plants, animals, humans and their information processes patterns)
  3. Biochemical Networks (Humans; Brains, Genetic, Epigenetics and Environment; PNI-Nets, Concious Nets)
  4. Biophysical-Machine Networks (Integrons, CNNs, RNN, KNN, Adaptive A-I-ION Nets)
  5. Socio-Economic Networks (Mind-Mind- and Mind-Machine-Collaboration and Cooperation)


We see real living networks in the best companies and brillant scientific institutes. We regard network structures and -systems as  „Organization Of Tomorrow“, Changing Human Life Quality (Human Thinking, Human Learning and Human Behaviour). As a side effect network models supplement business-strategy innovation (business models) and management-innovation (management-models) for the next decades and our century as a real timeless plasma.

Our goal: The order of order.  Klick at „The Network Moment“ and enjoy more information.